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Ubuntu problem. Error: unknown filesystem. Grub rescue

I try to write down the problems I sometimes deal with in Ubuntu, not only to keep the solutions in my blog in case I have the problem again, but also to help other people to solve the same problem.

A friend who is using Ubuntu 11.10 told me he had a problem. Just after turning on his computer, he got this message:

error: unknown filesystem
grub rescue> 

Here there are the steps I followed to solve it:

i.   Burn a Ubuntu Live CD. (I did it with Ubuntu 12.10, just right now the last version).

ii.  Open a terminal in the Ubuntu live session

iii. ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo -s

iv.  ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ fdisk -l

(Now you see the partitions in your hard drive)


/dev/sda1  *             2048   968654847   484326400      83  
/dev/sda2       968656894   976771071      4057089        5  
/dev/sda5       968656896   976771071      4057088       82

v.   Choose your root partition. In this case, sda1.

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ fsck /dev/sda1

Answer yes "y" to all the questions.

vi.  Reboot. Then, it should be solved.

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