dimarts, 17 de gener de 2012

Has anyone successfully flown through yourtriplanners.com?

A few months ago I was willing to buy a ticket Barcelona-Buenos Aires through this website, yourtriplanners.com.

In fact I booked the ticket; apparently with "Iberia" airline, but finally I didn't pay it.

Why did I reserve my ticket with yourtriplanners.com? 

I was looking for the cheapest flight to Buenos Aires (usually it is a very expensive flight) and my girlfriend told me she had found the cheapest through this website, yourtriplanners.com. Usually this flight costs at least 800€ and they offered it for 580€. It was cheap enough to be attractive (to buy it through them, an unknown travel agency instead of the one I would usually use) but not as cheap as to think it was a fake.

I usually use kayak.com, edreams.com and rumbo.es to buy my flight tickets (usually the cheapest) but yourtriplanners.com was cheaper than these others.
The website seems to be serious (Be careful, it is unbelievable, but it is still on-line):

You can find an email address and a telephone number, and the search engine worked really well.

So, I "booked" my ticket. After it, I received an email confirming the seat availability and telling me I had 48 hours to make the payment. They held my ticket during these 48 hours. The available payment methods were:
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal (only for orders below USD 1000 or equivalent, subject to PayPal limitations)
  • Western Union (we compensate the transfer fees and provide 3.2% discount to the order amount)
I was really surprised by the fact I could not make the payment through credit card...

Five minutes after my reservation I received a phone call from yourtriplanners.com confirming the flight and asking me if I had any question. 
This call made me think that it was a serious company but I was not sure, I felt there was something strange. 
I made Internet research and by that time (August 2011) I didn't find any comment about bad experiences or bad opinions about them.
I checked directly with Iberia whether my supposed flight existed (that route at that time), and all was correct.

The next day I had some questions to do about my flight to yourtriplanners.com and I decided to call to the phone number that appeared in the emails I had received (and the phone numbers that appeared at the website as well), but no one answered the phone. I called a lot of times in the morning, in the afternoon, and nobody ever took the phone. I wrote an email as well, and I did not receive a response until a few hours later, but this made me suspect about the reliability of yourtriplanners.com

When I chose "Western Union" as payment method (just to see the details of the payment), I saw the recipient city was Manila, in Philippines. 

I called again (nobody answered the phone) and I wrote an email telling them that I did not understand why they didn't offer credit card payment method and why if they were a Denmark company the payment was to be sent to Philippines. 

Seeing nobody answered me and that I definitively had completely lost my confidence in this travel agency, I wrote another email telling them I wanted to cancel my reservation because I had bought my flight ticket through another travel agency.

Next day they sent me an URL with an image done by them that seemed to be the airline tickets...
Sometimes I ask myself why I bothered to try to buy the ticket with them, and I suppose it is because I wanted to save a little bit of money! I was clutched to the idea I could pay less for my ticket. 

Five months later, I don't know whether if I would have paid, I would have received a real ticket, but I think according to the facts you cannot trust them. I have done Internet research and now, five months later, I have found bad opinions and experiences like mine:

Be careful because this website is still on-line.

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  1. That's a very interesting information. Thank you very much. I was planning to book my flight with them but I wasn't too sure about the company.

  2. Hi Tom,
    Thank you!
    You should buy your ticket with another travel agency.